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Ben Campbell
Craptastic B-Sides (2000-2009)

Ben Campbell - Craptastic B-Sides Cover


1. Demon With Angel Eyes 2. Hello 3. Gonna Find a Place For Us
4. Should For You 5. When the Ocean Met the Sky 6. Better Send It Back
7. Can Good Love Wait? 8. The Way I Like It (Right Now)
9. When the Ocean Met the Sky (Reprise) 10. Alaska 11. Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone
12. Mystery 13. Shadow 14. Trouble 15. Somewhere, Someday
16. Untitled 17. Who's Gonna Help Me Build My House? 18. Instrumental
19. You Don't Know How Much I Love You 20. Please Don't Leave Me, Baby
21. Coming Back (2 U) 22. Wasted 23. Watch and Learn
24. Love Song in the Key of G 25. Immortality 4 Me (n' Thee)

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