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Ben Campbell
De Revolutionibus (2004)

Ben Campbell - De Revolutionibus CoverBen Campbell - De Revolutionibus Back


1. 95 Theses 2. De Revolutionibus 3. Nephew, Nephew 4. Why Do You Threaten Me?
5. Copernicus, Copernicus 6. A Tasty Omelette 7. Mixed Up Equation
8. A Curious and Deadly Girl 9. Geocentricity 10. Christina, Christina
11. Planetary Music 12. Vile Heathens 13. Awaken, Pope Urban
14. Question the Foundation 15. Edicts of the Vatican 16. Heathens From the North
17. Sing Praise 18. Tyco Brahe, Astronomer Extraordinaire
19. A Heliocentric Solar System (Follows Certain Rules) 20. Sliced Away My Nose
21. All the Pretty Dancers 22. Tyco's Death 23. Eight Little Minutes of Arc
24. Lippershey's Rant 25. What a Wonderful Device 26. Pope Urban Will Hear of This
27. Urban's Lament 28. On With the Show 29. Galileo's Play 30. And Yet It Moves
31. Bulwark of the Heathens 32. Beware the Temptations of Satan
33. The Choice Is Yours 34. Honeyed Tongue 35. My Name Will Live On
36. Conclusion of the Copernican Revolution

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