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Ben Campbell
Phaeton (2003)

Ben Campbell - Phaeton CoverBen Campbell - Phaeton Back


1. Gods Intro 2. Zeus Intro 3. Daughters of Nereus 4. Clymene Tells Phaeton
5. Artemis Warns Phaeton 6. Son of the Sun God 7. Let It Go, Phaeton
8. Friends Think I'm Lying 9. Gods Interlude 10. Mother, Tell Me
11. Phaeton, You Need Proof 12. Phaeton's Mind Is Made Up
13. Ask Him For a Boon 14. Phaeton on the Road
15. Almost Arrived at the End of the World 16. Phaeton's Favor
17. Could Not Control the Sun 18. Horses Become Impatient
19. Phaeton Is a Fool 20. Phaeton Climbs Into the Heavens
21. Could Not Control Those Horses 22. Look at the Earth Below
23. Appeal to Zeus Father 24. Farewell, Phaeton
25. Phaeton Lies Dead 26. Nereids Mourn

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